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What is an audition and
why would I audition

An audition is like a class where you show your best abilities, and your will to enter into a selection program.
There will be a panel of judges looking at how you perform in the audition. We look at your technique, level, your flow of movement and most importantly, your ability to process corrections. 


Why would I consider auditioning?
You audition because you want to join a selection program. By showing up, you tell us you want to be there and you want to commit to the program for the coming school year, should you get in.


What is a selection program?

Within Turning Point, we give the more motivated and talented students the ability to further develop their passion and skills in dance. Apart from giving ascending discounts to additional classes a week, organizing workshops when possible and even making dance trips abroad with the oldest and most advanced students, we also have selection classes within the weekly schedule.

In these classes, we train in a more serious way and we demand more from the student (and their parents) too.

We have two selection programs within the school:

Technical theater dances:
These groups take selection classes in classical ballet, jazz and modern (contemporary). They have a compulsory extra class outside of the selection program. This can be an extra class of the styles mentioned above, or totally different, like musical, hip-hop or streetdance.


Urban selection:

These selection groups take their selection class in the hip-hop style. They have a compulsory regular class in the hip-hop style too, and they need to take a third class a week to provide extra dimension. This can be any style, urban or ballet/jazz/modern.

What if I get in?
If you are chosen into our selection program, you commit to the school year of the program.

What if I don't get in?

If you don't get in, we haven't seen the required level or motivation yet. If you love dancing, you should take as many regular technique classes in the styles you want to further develop your technique and keep growing. Keep showing you want to be there and keep processing corrections. Audition next year again!

Why did we mention that parents should also commit?

Because the selection program demands more from you and your child. It gives a lot; extra classes, more serious training, extra performances, higher level of technique, motivation, passion, drive. We have many extras, with even the opportunity to take part in a study trip abroad.
But it also asks a lot; they need to be present at all trainings. When there's a performance, this could mean they need to be there on Saturdays or Sundays. If they need extra rehearsals, they need to show up, even if this means missing the cool party that all their friends are going to. If they have proefwerkweek at school, they cannot simply miss cancel class.
It works both ways. We give more, you give more. We all reach more.

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