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Gratis proefles, meld je nu aan!

Enrollment temporarily unavailable in regards to our preparations for our show in June 2023.
We don't take new students for the remainder of the school year. If you wish to enroll in August, please send an email to be put on our waiting list and you will receive a call in July.

Online inschrijven

Vond je je proefles leuk? Dan kun je nu online inschrijven!  

Iedereen moet online inschrijven!!

Het telefoonnummer moet +5999 ervoor hebben staan om te werken.


Voor vragen, email naar of app 513-5884.

Tot snel in de les!



Bo a gosa di bo proefles? Awor bo por inskribí!
Tur hende mester inskribí online!!

E number di telefon mester tin +5999 su dilanti pa traha.


Pa pregunta, por fabor manda un mail pa òf app 513-5884.

Nos ta wak otro pronto den lès!

​​​Did you like your trial class? Now it's time to enroll!

Everyone needs to enroll online!!

Put +5999 in front of the phone number in order for it to work.


If you have any questions, please send an email to or app 513-5884.

See you all soon in class!

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