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Dance Movie Curaçao

After months of preparations, countless setbacks by covid, many re-schedules of plans later, we have finally succeeded.

We have made a Dance Movie about Curaçao. Trained in the studio, filmed on the island.

All students, ages 4 and up, participated. All dances were placed on different locations, from beaches to bare stretches at Noordkant, from the colorful backdrops in the city to in between cacti in the mondi, we were everywhere.

We hired Nathan Roosberg, an amazing movie creator and professional film editor, and he has filmed and edited everything into a whole.

We are stoked, we are proud, we are grateful. We are ready to show you.

Teaser trailer! scroll down for full trailers

TP Dance Movie Poster Square.jpg

Teaser trailer of the project

Trailer BLUE and PURPLE, the South side of the island

Trailer YELLOW and ORANGE, the North side of the island

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